About Us 关于我们

We offer legal services and legal translation and support services. Below are some of the websites that we operate:

1. Legal Services 法律服务

(Mainland China, Hong Kong and International Inheritance and Matrimonial and Family Affairs) (中国内地、香港及国际继承及婚姻家事)

ChinaSuccession.com 中国继承网
China and cross-border estate planning, will drafting, successions, estate administration services

ChinaDivorce.com 中国离婚网
China and cross-border divorce matters, spouse support, child custody, division of assets

2. Legal Translation 法律翻译

Legal Translation and Legal Support Services 法律翻译及支援服务

LawTranslate.com 朗博法律翻译
Legal translation and legal supports